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6 Tips for Photographic Makeup

Kim Le

I wanted to share some tips that will help ensure that you look picture perfect in every photo!

My Top Tips
1. Prior to makeup, Use a hydrating face mask! Masks are like a facial without the salon price! They are packed full of serum which will give your skin a boost of hydration making them plump and alive

2. Ensure to apply a hydrating moisturiser! This will ensure any dry flakey skin is not picked up on camera! This will not only prep your skin for makeup but should be done daily anyway! Do not skip this step!

3. Primer! It’s going to minimise your pores, create a smooth canvas on your face for makeup to apply evenly, and helps the makeup last longer!

4. Ensure you set your makeup with powder. You will find that if you are looking nice and dewy in person, the camera will make you look like a grease ball ! So ensure you use a powder that will mattify your face!

5. Sunscreen or Products with SPF is a no no in photography! Some products will create a white cast over the face and believe me you will look like someone who does not know how to do their makeup ! Stray away from sunscreen or SPF products if you plan to take photos PLEASE!

6. My last and final tip is concealer! It is your best friend esp if you have dark under eyes! In photography, it picks up shadows… Everywhere! So concealing your under eyes is a must have if you don’t want to end up looking tired and deprived from sleep!

We’ll I hope you all enjoyed this post and found this helpful!

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