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Holy Grail Face Primer!

Kim Le

I thought it would be a cool idea to share one of my beauty products that I swear by! This is an amazing product and I love love love using this on clients and myself!

This is the Lancôme La Base Pro Primer RPP: $55AUD..

I have my clients always ask me ‘what is that you are applying on my face? My face feels so soft like a baby’s bottom!! Yep it is this little gem! It is a primer suitable for all skin types. It has a silicone feel which usually try to stay far away from & wouldn’t wear (as I have oily combination skin) however this is one of those exceptions!! it makes my makeup last all day and all night! It also acts almost like a filler to hide those open pores and even minimizes fine expression lines which of course every woman would love!!

You can get a sample at your department store Lancôme counter to try but you will probably want to buy the bottle on the spot!!

This is the #1 primer i use on my clients and they love it!!!!

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