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How To: Gradient Eyebrow Tutorial: The Makeup Siren

Kim Le

How To: Gradient Eyebrow Tutorial | The Makeup Siren

Hey guys, this is one of my eyebrow routine. This is a quick and easy take on how i perfect my eyebrows and get it looking natural. I'm a huge fan of the faded out/gradient eyebrow look. I think it is one of those styles that will never become obsolete and i can trend this eyebrow look everyday, every season, every makeup look. This does take a little more time than the usual eyebrow routine, but i love the look it gives me!


I might be making a video on my 3 minute or Less eyebrow routine in the near future, for those who are tight for time but want their brows to still be on fleek using 1 Product! Perfect for Busy Women, or Mum's who still want to look their best! So stay tuned for that!


My top tips to create the perfect gradient eyebrow:

- Always use an eyebrow pencil, slightly lighter than your hair colour (if you have dark hair). If you have blonde or lighter hair, you would do the opposite.

- Ensure to never start filling your brows in right at the start to avoid a hard looking eyebrow. You want to start in the middle and feather towards the front.

- Concealer is great to perfect any mistakes and to clean the look up! I hope you enjoy the video!

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