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My Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial | The Makeup Siren

Kim Le

My Everyday Eye Makeup | The Makeup Siren

Hey guys, this is one of my go to looks i like to wear when i want to look put together. Its a fairly easy eye makeup look that i think anyone can achieve its all about patience when blending and choosing the right colours.


My top tips to create a go to eye shadow look:

- Always use a base color (this is to ensure that if you have darkness or discoloration on your eyes, it neutralizes them so when putting on any other eye shadows, the eye shadows will appear more true to color.

-Ensure you use a Blending colour (transition colour) this will help blend in all the eye shadows as you go along so there are no harsh areas where you can tell the start and end of where the eye shadows were placed.

- You want to be wearing APPROPRIATE coloured eye shadows, please, no bright blues or highlighter pinks! keep to neutrals, browns, bronzes etc.

- If you have oily eyelids, opt for a eye shadow primer/base. I recommend Too faced shadow insurance or urban decay primer potion. These are my favorite ones to use as they keep your eye shadows lasting all day and help avoid creasing!


I hope you enjoy the video!

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